DiOS Film & Video Production

DiOS productions is a leading video and film production company, offering award-winning all-inclusive, Pioneering video production, film production, corporate video production services. It is considered to be one of the best video and film, Video production companies in the UAE.

Film Productions

Our company focuses upon the combination of all art forms to develop, connect and create life into moving pictures from Pre-Production to Production. We provide in-house full video production services.

Pre-Production- Out Team focuses upon the every obligatory tasks needed in the process and provide the best of us covering all the aspects :

Story Boarding.

Dios Film Crew is capable of representing the entire film sequence and break downs with actions and camera shots into individual panels through the power of sketches for visualization.

Script writing

Dios innovative script writers crafts the entire story into movement in a screenplay medium to give it a predetermined look and feel with elaborative scenes, shots, locations, and the overall massage portray.


Casting video

Costume premiering
Dios crew put together outfits that can easily communicate the details of each character’s personality to suit the storyline created and to help actors transform into new and believable people on screen.

Production designing

Dios Crew identifies a unique design style for each sets, locations, graphics, props, lighting, camera angles and costumes to beam up glamour, while working closely with the director and producer.


Our dedicated team covers all the areas of Production and make sure to provide what the client needs.

Short films
Dios crew are paramount in producing any film that is basically too short to be considered a feature film.


Television series & commercials
We invent group of programs for television broadcast with a common title, usually related to one another in subject for your viewing pleasure.

Promotional Videos
Dios teams are best in creating unique videos in the form of advertisement that can best promote your products, services, ideas, individuals or organizations.

Music videos
Dios team will make you feel and live in what you are hearing and seeing through the videotaped performance of songs often highlighting the elucidation of the lyrics through visual images on your screen with quality 4k pictures and audible sounds.

Corporate interviews
With Dios, we generate good answers to make a news story come to life, build your reputation as a probing entrepreneur, individual, company etc with our one-on-one studio or outdoor discussion.

Talk shows

Kids Drama

News recording
Dios films has a major and ultramodern studio for journalist and private anchors to record information of events published in newspapers, broadcasted on radio and television to the world or a particular area.

Our multi-talented Team hand over a wrapped up package to the client which needs editing – Cutting and arrangements. Visual effects. Audio designing, color grading, audio Post Production and sound Designing.

Cutting Color Grading Arranging. 

Distribution- We provide adequate support in seeing your project exalt to a point of completion with great level of expertise in promotions and distribution of your content to various marketing streams, platforms and cinemas.

Short -Film – Gives the freedom to experiment and develop both new ways to tell stories and new technologies. Short films also allow to cultivate the next generation of storytellers, letting individuals work on smaller teams and often hold leadership positions for the first time.

Video Production Services

Video-Production (1)

Produce video content for television, events, social media, corporate promotions, commercial, or other media-related fields. We cover the entire process of video making.

Corporate Video Production

Create a corporate video to promote your brand to potential clients, and communicate your business leader’s messages and customer testimonials in an interview video

Promotional & Commercials Videos

Combining Marketing And Filmmaking Expertise, DiOS produces compelling promotional videos that captivate audiences, inspire action and more importantly, drive results for businesses and brand

Animation Videos

Bring Your Messages To Life With Animation Videos UAE’s #1 Animation Agency. DiOS Studios specialize in 3D / 2D graphics, character, typographic & hand-drawn animation.

Digital Advertising

DiOS is an advertising partner for Google ads and Facebook ads, reaching 70% of the web, including Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram reaching the right audience and achieves your marketing objectives.


  • Proficient Photography
  • Portraits
  • Candid Portrait
  • Lifestyle Portrait
  • Group Portrait
  • Glamour Portrait
  • Conceptual Portrait
  • Closeup Portrait



  • Fashion Headshot.
  • High Fashion Headshot
  • Editorial Headshot



  • Food photography
  • Events photography
  • Wedding shoots
  • Architectural photography
  • Modeling portfolio.